Empowerment Programme of Samurdhi beneficiaries in 2018

82 Grama Niladhari divisions are consisted in Divisional Secretariat division of Beruwala through 13 Divisional Secretariats divisions in Kalutar district and there are established 06 samurdhi commuaities base banks.

The agricultural and fisheries purposes are main livelihood in this division.Further many families are living by tourisum of their livelihood.

There are living 8681 Samurdhi beneficiaries in this division and identified 549 beneficiaries are in for empowerment.

The prouision of Rs.1545560/- are allocated for empowerment to these beneficiary families in this division.

The agricultural programme Rs.42000/-develoment of industries Rs.1503560/- sales development Rs.100000/- are used by this provision.

The projects of juki and overlock machines were obtained for small and medium scales industrialist under that carpentry tools,machines,and other tools were obtained for carpenters and masons,refrigerators,scales and other intruments were obtained for domestic sales shop.

As well as ther were held a course of sewing curtaing by unity of enterpreneurs' scles societies and there were held training workshop of reparningsewing machines together with vidatha resorces center.

There were implemented field training development of knowledge for beneficiaries who are in to planted feautiful flowers and plants.

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වාහන ආදායම් බලපත්‍ර නිකුත් කිරීම

වාහන ආදායම් බලපත්‍ර නිකුත් කිරීම

පවතින කොරෝනා වසංගත තත්වය හේතුවෙන් අත්හිටවනු ලැබු...


රජයේ ඉඩම්වල පදිංචි හෝ සංවර්ධනය කර ඇති පුද්ගලයන් වෙත නීත්‍යනුකූල ලේඛන ලබාදීම

ඉඩම් කොමසාරිස් ජනරාල් දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව සෞභාග්‍යයේ දැක්ම  රජයේ...

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