Staff Officers

Divisional Secretary

Sir  Name Mr. K.G.D.Chathura Malraj
  • Master in Sociology (University of Kalaniya)
  • B.A.Geography - Special (University of Sri Jayawardanapura )
  • Leadership Program ( Civil Service College -Singapore)
  • Advanced Certificate in English (Law Institute- Colombo)
Work history
  • Divisional Secretary. (Divisional Secretariat Beruwala)
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary.  (Divisional Secretariat Kalutara)
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary.  (Divisional Secretariat Neluwa)
  • Land Use Planning Assistant.   (Divisional Secretariat Wallawita)

Assistant Divisional Secretary

ADS Name Mrs. U.K.A.Dilhani
  • B.Sc.General Degree(Bio Science)  University of Sri Jayawardenapura)
  • M.Sc in organizational Management
  • Diploma in Public Administration
Work history
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary (Divisional Secretariat Beruwal)
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary (Divisional Secretariat Kalutara)
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary (Divisional Secretariat Katana)


Account Name Mrs. A.W.Narayana
  • Bcom(sp)
  • Post Gra(Dip) @ Buss.Sta.
Work history
  • Divisional Secretariat - Beruwala(2018 Up to now)
  • Divisional Secretariat Kalutara(2014-2018)
  • Depratment of Agrarian Development(2008-2014)
  • Chief Secretery's office Southern Province (P.M.S)-(2006-2008)
  • Zonal Education office (P.M.A) (2000-2006)
 Assistant Director(Planning)
 kumudini Name Mrs. K.K.D.C.Kumuduni
Qualification (Special) Degree
work History Audit Department

Assistant Director (Planning)

  ADManel Name Mrs. J.M.Y.De Silva
Qualification  ශාස්ත්‍රපති (සමාජ විද්‍යාව) - කැළණිය විශ්ව විද්‍යාලය
work History Assistant Director - District Secretariat Colombo

Administrative Officer

   Ao Name Mrs. H.A.B.Wijeratha
Qualification Public Management Service-Supra
work History

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

work History  

Other Staff

Adminstrative Division

Name   Designation Subjects
Mrs.W.F.I.Fonseka  shuwarna Chief Public Management Assistant  
Mrs.A.L.C.Joish Frenando Joish Public Management Assistant  Head of the Branch
Mrs.M.P.Kolobarachchi Manel Public Management Assistant  Personal files of Grama niladharis
Mrs.K.G.Chandima Kumari Chandima Public Management Assistant  Personal files of Development officers
Mrs.M.H.G.Karunathilaka  Geethani Tranceletor Assistant  Trancelete 
Mr.A.B.S.P.Kumara  Suranga Public Management Assistant  Personel Files
Mrs.D.R.S.Senanayake  Sadamali Public Management Assistant  Pahapola,Bursaries,Mediation board
Mrs.W.K.C.Prasangika prasangika Public Management Assistant  Leave
Mrs.K.M.D.H.Himali  HImali Development Officer  Business Registration
Mrs.W.P.D.S.Gunathilaka  Padmi Development Officer  Training,other depatment,income Certificates
Mrs.G.P.B.Deepani Buddi  Development Officer  Postal Purposes
Mrs.W.P.D.S.Soiza Harsha Development Officer  Maintenance,Fuel,bills
Mr.L.J.L.S.Liyanarathne   Development Officer Privat Assistant-Divisional Secretary
Mr.A.T.M.Frenando   Office Assistant  
Mr.G.S.L.Kumara  Lasantha Office Assistant  
Mr.M.G.Ranjith   Office Assistant  
Mr.J.D.Pupudu Nishantha   Driver  
Mr.P.D.D.W.Jayawardana   Driver  


Account Division

Name   Designation  Subjects
Mrs.Chandrani Senevirathne Chandrani Financial Assistant  Signing of cheques & supervising of duties
Mrs.M.L.Rani Chandralatha  Rani Public Management Assistant  Inspection of all the vouchers
Mrs.T.C.Jewanthi  chathuri Public Management Assistant  Summary of provincial council accounts,Vote ledgers
Mr.K.A.D.J.Harsha  janaka Public Management Assistant  Purposes of procurement,purchasing
Mrs.P.G.S.C.Kumari C Kumari  Public Management Assistant Cash book of provincial council,Deposit ledger of central government & provincial council
Mrs.S.H.F.Shamila  shamila Public Management Assistant  Cash bokk of provincial council
Mrs.Lakmini  lakmini IT Officer  Accounts summary of central government,Bank reconcilliation,Payroll
Mrs.K.Y.I.Priyadarshani  Harsha A Development Officer  Preparing of salaries of development officers & Other Departments officers.Documentary purposes of loanes of officers & Grama Niladharis.
Mrs.J.C.Priyanthi  chamila Development Officer  Vote ledger of Central Government purposes of internal audit
Mrs.D.M.Kavitha Harshani  Kavitha Development Officer  Preparing of slaries of officers Grama Niladharis & Development officers of provincial council.
Miss Thamali Gunasekara  thamali Public Management Assistant Charging of Carban tax
Miss.P.Nadeeka Darshani Nadeeka dar  Graduate Trainer Charging of Carban tax
Mrs.I.Chandra Yasasili  chandra vhi Development Officer Issuing of Vehicle licences
Mrs.I.N.Siriwardana   Development Officer  Issuing of Vehicle licences
Mrs.G.D.K,Gamage      Pensions
Mrs.M.M.Anusha Chandani Anusha  Pension Officer  Pensions
Mrs.M.L.Munasigha  Munasingha Pension Officer  Pensions
Mrs.P.A.C.Mihirani  Mihiri Public Management Assistant  Purposes of stores
Mrs.S.S.R.Silva  sanoja Public Management Assistant  Shroff duties
Mr.A.D.Ajith Kumara  Ajith Office employee  Office employees'purposes of Accounts branch


Land Division

Name   Designation Subjects
Mrs.N.S.Udawatta Nayana Public Management Assistant Investigation Purposes of electricity &Supervising purposes of land Branch 
Mrs.K.V.D.Kalani Shashikala Shasikala Public Management Assistant  Purposes of crown land
Mrs.K.N.W.Gunasekara kalpani Public Management Assistant  Duties of land Acquisition
Mrs.E.D.M.N.Tharangani Tharangani Public Management Assistant  Purposes of crown land
Mrs.P.H.Hasitha Niroshani   Public Management Assistant  Purposes of crown land
Mrs.A.P.Liyanage Liyanage  Public Management Assistant  Purposes of crown land
Mrs.A.J.P.S.Udari   Public Management Assistant Issuing & Recommendation of permits of timber felling & transportation,and animal transportation and fire arms licences
Mrs.W.H.Thusanga Dilhani Thusanga Development Officer  Charging of taxes in crown land & perparing of reports.
Mrs.H.G.D.G.Nirupa Gayani Development Officer Computerr
Mis.L.K.T.Nayanakanthi Nayanakanthi Development Officer  
Mrs.M.S.F.Rumziya Rumziya IT Officer  
Miss P.C.Malshani Coore Coory Graduate Trainer  


Planning Division

Name   Designation Subjects
 Mrs.Renuka Jayanthi Renuka   Public Management Assistant  Head of the Branch & Development project -Provincial Council / Central Government.
Mrs.S.Thilini Udayangani  Thilini Development Officer Divisional co-dinating commitee.
Mrs.K.D.Malsha Nirukshi Jayasingha  Malsha  Development Officer Divisional co-dinating commitee information of development officers,Projects(Central Government)
Miss.Krishanthi Gamage  krishanthi Public Management Assistant  Development project of Central Government
Mr.Lasantha Udaya Kumara  Lasatha planning Public Management Assistant  Development project of Central Government
Mrs.W.D.Dilrukshi de silva   Development Officer Divisional co-dinating commitee,Nilasewana Project,Multitateral action plan for nutrition.
Mrs.W.D.Sureka Madushani  sureka Development Officer Provincial council development projects & preparing of progress report
Mrs.Malithi Lalana   Development Officer Provincial cauncil development project.
Vajira Liyanage  Vajira Planning Implimentation Assistant Grama shakthi purposes / Resources profile / Rural economic promotion programme(livelihood)
Mr.N.G.P.Pushpakumara   Field Assistant Gamperaliya progress report/ Action plan / Narcolic programme /Sustainable development programme / Fisheries purposes. 
Mrs.Achini Chamila Jayalath   Planning Implimentation Assistant Gamperaliya Projects / Sukitha purawara / Environmental purposes / Duties of ministry of Housing


Registar Division

Name   Designation Subjects
Mrs.E.G.M.Sachini Sachini Development Officer  Entering the data in E - census
Mrs.T.D.D.Priyanthi  Priyanthi Development Officer  Registra's files & monthiy reports
Mrs.T.V.A.Kumari Iyesha Development Officer  issuing the births,marriages,deaths certificates frome comuter
Mrs.M.M.N.Mifla Mifla Public Management Assistant  Accepting & issuing of B.M.D.Applications
Mrs.C.A.Gunathilaka   Public Management Assistant  
Mrs.W.K.C.Prasangika  prasangika Graduate Trainer  Searching of certificates on B applications & confirmation of certificates
Mrs.M.J.F.Rizdha  Rizadha Graduate Trainer  Assisting of relavant purposes of amendments
Mrs.U.K.D.U.Kusumalatha  Udeni Office employee  Office employees purposes 


Social Development Division

Name   Designation Subjects
Mrs.W.F.I.Fonseka shuwarna Public Management Assistant Supervising purposes of land Branch
Mrs.K.A.S.Dilrukshi Dilrukshi Public Management Assistant Disaster Management
Mrs.T.Maduwanthi de silva chandima So Development Officer  
Mrs.G.G.Nadeeka Lakmali Nadeeka sur Public Management Assistant  
Mrs.D.Dilhani Munasinha Dilhani Public Management Assistant  
Mrs.K.Sithari thabrew  siithari Office employee Office employees'purposes of Social Development branch

Samurdhi Communities base Bank Society

Name   Designation Subjects
Mr.B.S.Fernando Sanjeewa Manager Leading & superuising of all the duties
Mis.K.M.D.Nimali Pushpakumari  nimali Assistant Manager All the duties belongs of Assistant Manager
Mrs.O.Chamila Niroshani  chamila samu Account Assistant Accounts Purposes
Mrs.Deepa Priyanga  Deepa Establishment Assistant Establishment purposes
Mrs.A.S.Senevirathna  ajantha Project Assistant Projects purposes.
Mr.P.Upali   Social Develpment Assistant Social Develpment Purposes

Branch of Registration of persons

Name   Designation Subjects
 Mrs.H.D.D.Lakmali  lakmali Development Officer Registration of persons
 Mrs.D.A.U.Mendis Amali Development Officer Registration of persons

Samurdhi Division

Name   Designation Subjects
Mr.L.H.Damindha Jayasuriya  daminda Samurdhi Head office Manager Manager
Mrs.S.A.P.Somalatha soma    
Mrs.Lakmini Inoka  lakmini samu    
Mr.M.M.M.Siyan  seyam Account Clark  
Mrs.D.D.Nilanthi Wickramaarchchi  Damitha    

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The Dharma preaching programme

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