Development Needs

733 Malegoda

  • Development of road for maternity clinic in malegoda.
  • Spreading of waterpipes way to 500m of Dhampahanagama road.
  • Development of Habakkala road.

733A Pambe

  • Development of first part of Mahimullakanda circulor road(Kajugaha circulor road).
  • Development of second part of Koshena middle road.
  • Placement of telephone pillers way to 200 feet at Mulatiyana Kanda road.

733B Mahimulla

  • Development of Gorakadeniya by path.
  • Spreading of water pipes for going way to Kirihaththuduwa from Gorakadeniya .
  • Development of Mahimulla by path.

{slider734  Kuda Payagala(S)|closed}

  • Development of St'marys' watta road.
  • Development of Lanka Matha watta road.
  • Development of Dummalamodara ela way to 500 feets

734A Kuda Payagala(N)

  • Development of Mervin Perera mawatha by path.
  • Development of St Anthony mawatha.
  • Development of P.Don Pole Mawatha.

735A Payagala (N)

  • Development of balance portion of the way from railway station to AmbeElla
  • Development of Dummalamodara Ella.
  • Development of drainage system of paralled to thainawatta 1st Cross road .

736 Pinidiyamulla

  • Installation of elecricity rope of  Matiyalamulla gorakaduwawatta road.
  • Spreading of water pipe to the way og Matiyalamulla Gorakaduwawatta.
  • Development of Ihalawadugoda road.

737A Hirigalgodella

  • Spreading of waterpipe on main road near Hirigalgodella bridge to Lulellamulla.
  • Development of stream of mahawela Gorakagaha ella .
  • Development of Akkara45 road.

738 Palayangoda

  • Development of Nagahaduwa Hembarawila ella.
  • Development of the Wadugoda to Nagahaduwa Payagala North.
  • Spreading of waterpipe way from Kuruduwatta juntion to Thapalwatta.

740 Pothuwila (E)

  • Installation of elecricity rope way to galgodawatta kandauda road Saith Lal mawatha.
  • Spreading of water Pipe on Ayrvedic road Weragala
  • Development of near the way to cemetry,Pothuvila

740 A Pothuwila(W)

  • Development of Dumalamodara Ella.
  • Development of Gomarakanda by path.
  • Development the road behind the tomb

740 B Katukurudugahalanda (W)

  • Spreading of water Pipe on Sisildiyalanda road.
  • Installation of elecricity rope for end of the Agricultre Mawatha.
  • Develoment of Agricultre Mawatha.

740 B Diyalagoda

  • Development of Kamburugoda main road'
  • Development of Haldeniya Ella'
  • Development of St.vesenthi Mawatha.

740 B Munasinghagoda

  • Development of drainge system in both side and culvert to access road to Tsunami Houses at Godellawatta.
  • Development of Munasinghegoda road.
  • Development of public well,Munasinghagoda.

742 Maggona(w)

  • Concreating of Kudawakanda by path.
  • Concreating of dranagesystem in Kudawa road.
  • Concreating of by path connecton to galle road.

743 Maggona(E)

  • Development of main road in Lushan titas villade.
  • Development the road near Mr.Bertis house of Nirmalawatta to community hall
  • Spreading the water pipe on Ganga Addra road.

743 A Akkaramale

  • Develo[ment of Kumburugoda road.
  • Development of Haldeniya Ella.
  • Development of by path up to Kumburugoda road.

744 Halkandavilla

  • Development of the Lewlinwatta road.
  • Development of balance portion of concreating of road infront of Ragalawella Mr.Piyasena's house.
  • Development og ragalawella Ella

744A Duwegoda

  • Development of road near Munhandiram mawatta mr.Mano's house to mr.Saman's houses'
  • Installatin of electricity rope frome Halkandavilla Junction to Muhandiramwatta
  • Spreading of waterpipe o sudugahaduwa road. 

744b Youngama

  • Development of road near Youngama Playgraund.
  • Spreading water pipe on kithulahitiya road
  • Development of the way of Kithulahitiya ella

744c Kendagahavila

  • Development of veerasena main road.
  • Development of Alubogahamulla road.
  • Development of Yatadola road near Dola to Halkandavila.

745A Kadurugasmulla

  • Concreating of Bomiyagahalanda road.
  • Development from Kadurugamulla udumulla to wadigagawella main channel.
  • Development of wendesiwatta no2 Batadeniya.

746 C Magalkanda South

  • Development of Aluthhena main road.
  • Development of Galgamulla ella
  • Development of Gonkotuwa ella

747 Karandhagoda

  • Development of Mahagedarawatta road.
  • Spreading waterpipe on galpotta circular road.
  • Spreading water pipe from mahagedarawatta to wendesiwatta

747A Marakkalawatta

  • Development of samanalahena Uyana by bath.
  • Development of maluwala ella.
  • Development of Egodawattta by path

748 Polkotuwa

  • Development of st,Anne's road.
  • Development of Nallahena road.
  • Cleaing and developing of berawa ella Athuru ella.

749 Kankanamgoda

  • Development of new Kankanamgoda road crossing to Ariyawansha road.
  • Development of crossing road near Jayawardane stores.
  • Development of drainage system ganearamba road,Bogalla.

750 Walatara

  • Development of Bogaha Ella.
  • Spreding water pipe on wedagoda road to Ambepitiyawatta.
  • Development of 1st Lane,Sawsiriuyana.

750A Badanagoda

  • Concreating upanada himi by path.
  • Development of Kandepola ella.
  • Spreading of water pipe on upperside of samagi mawatha.

750B KalavilaKanda

  • Development of KalavilaKanda main road.
  • Development of water pipe on Boraluwala road.
  • Development of uluthamalla ella.

752 Abepitiya

  • Development of Karunasenapura road.
  • Development of Hettimulla road,Ganearamba.
  • Development of Keeranthidiya road.

759A Galhena


  • Development of malawanwella dora ella.
  • Development of Kandevihara down road.
  • Development of border of welpitiya ella.

762 Kaluwamodara (W)

  • Spreading of water pipe on by path of devala road.
  • Insatallation of electricity rope of shramadhana mawatha.
  • Development of seelanada mawatta.

752A Pannila

  • Development of pannila temple road.
  • Spreading of waterpipe on main road of wedagoda pannila.
  • Development of berawa ella.

753 Paranakade

  • Development of 1st road under fisheries housing schem
  • Development of josap Kure mawatha.
  • Development of silliya ella.

754 Maradana

  • Development of Abdhul razak mawatha.
  • Development of Barkeer markar mawatha.
  • Development of wetthima rajapura ella.

755 Mahagoda

  • Development of distillery road.
  • Development of drainage system and wadakawela road.
  • Development of Kawaiyan ella.

758 Hettimulla

  • Development of veterinary office road.
  • Development of by path near Malbokka bridge.
  • Placement of telephone pilav of Hettiyawatta road.

759 Pinhena

  • Development of by path towards the Roddrigowatta river.
  • Development of Eri Ellamulla ella.
  • Development of blance portion of pinhena godawata road.

750B Pinhena Janapadya

  • Development of balance portion of kuda luwala road.
  • Development of balance portion of suraviyagoda road.
  • Placement of telephone pillar on colony road pinhena.

762A Kaluwamodara(N)

  • Development of 2nd lane by path Mullapitiya.
  • Development of Kandevihara down road.
  • Development of boundary ella of Kaluwamodara.

762B Gammedda

  • Development of Seelasumana Mawatha.
  • Spreading of water pipes on coir factory road.
  • Development of athuella.


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