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How to come Divisional Secretariat of Beruwala

  • Divisional secretariat of Beruwala is situated near the Colombo.  Mathara main road.The people who are coming from Colombo, passing Beruwala town, ahead 100 m, they can approach to Divisional secretariat of Beruwala.The attendance who are coming from Galle passing Aluthgama town coming towards Kaluthara, they can see Divisional secretariat of Beruwala .The people who are coming from Mathugama in to Aluthgama, they can approach to this Divisional secretariat in above road.In addition the railway line of Mathara, Colombo is situated near by this Divisional secretariat.

Inquiry about Grama Niladharis Division

  • There are 82 Grama Niladharis divisions and access administrative structure and select G.N. Division for knowing about Grama Niladharis Divisions nos and officers.

Hhould the owner attend to registration of the Business Name?

  • It should be compulsory attendance owner of the business and carried the National identity card.

What are the necessary documents for doing purposes of saving deposited and pawings of dead persons?

  • Death certificate of dead person.
  • Relationship of applicant(Birth certificates,Marriage certificate)
  • If other members are in there no objection for getting money or goods to applicant and confirm by affidavits.
  • National Identity Cards.

What are the documents for transfering the electricity bills?

  • confirmation ldeed of ownership which is the relavant place of supplying electricity.
  • confirmation letter of ownership forwarded by housing development Authority or urban cauncil
  • National Identity Cards.

Social Service Centre

How do you get nutrition allowance Rs20,000/- for pregnant mothers?

  • Before passed over the conceived in three month,You can obtain application from early childhood officer or implementation officer of this programme of divisional secretariat which you belong to participated in maternity clinic'

To whom to obtaining educational aids?

  • If the chidrea's father died or feeling uncurable disease it obtain bursaries to school children.

How dose Non-Government organization register?

  • Passed over one year of begining the non Government organization affer obtained documents and it is registered.

Can samurdhi benefits obtain newly?

  • Presently tere are not selected new beneficiaries and it is accepted the appeals for consideration

What are the qualification for obtaining elders aids?

  • Over 70 years in applied data?
  • Rs 3000/- or below in monthly income of family.

If can apply hasband or wife for this

Additional District Registrar's Branch

How do you obtain a copy of birth or marriage or death certificate?

  • Pay Rs100/- if you know no and date of Birth or marriage or death certificate.
  • Pay Rs.200/- if you don't know no and date of birth or marriage or death certificate can obtain from Divisional Secretariat.

How do you register of birth?

  • For registration of normal birth,early in three month fulfil ment of birth,It should register from registrar of relavant division.
  • For registration of overdue three month in birth, obtain relavant information from additional distrct registrar.

How does the birth certificate amend?

  • Carried relavant documents and see additional District Registrar

Pension Unit

How do you make widow and orphans pension ofter dead of civil pensioners?

  • Firstly obtain death certificate of pensioner and stop pension 
  • Sending letters to bank for obtaining if money has over of pensioner
  • Thereafter inform to relavant person for bringing following documents,
    • Original death certificate of pensioner.
    • Original birth certificate of widow
    • Original marriage certificate
    • A photocopy of passbook of widow
    • A photocopy of identitycard of widow
    • A photocopy of widow & orphans card or widow & orphans no
    • A Passport size colour photograph signed by Grama Niladhari
    • Above documents photo copies shouldbe signed by Grama Niladhari
  • Thereafter they gave the relavant information and carrying the file and doing necessary purposes to widows & orphans pension

Why dose the pension stop?

  • Stopping the pension for no getting of life certificate of relavant year.
  • Getting life certificate to pensioner and saying that it should certified by Grama Niladhari.
  • Updating the pension after it handedover the life certificate.

Why isn't it paying pension to heirs after dead of widow?

  • Clarification that there is not legal provision for paying pension or arreas to heirs which dead pensioner who claimed for pension according of widow & orphans pension act.

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