As there is no sufficient evidence to prove the death of certain people, the relations do not interested to register the event as a death and get a Death certificate. Therefore as there is no legal document to prove the disappearance of the person, the relations have to face many difficulties.

The provisions has been provided to register the persons, reported missing as a result of the conflict which took place in the northern and eastern provinces or its aftermath or political unrest or civil disturbances or enforced disappearance or members of the armed forces or police, identified as missing in action; and formatters connected therewith or incidental thereto under the death registration (Temporary Provisions) (Amendment).

The ‘Certificate of Absence” should be applied by a “Relative”

N.B- Definition of the Relative as per the section 14 of the act

  • Spouse
  • Children including adopted children, on-marital children, or step children
  • Parents including step-mother, step Father, adopter
  • Full or half brothers or sisters or adopted brother or sisters
  • Father-in-Law,mother-in-Law,Brothers-in-Law,Sisters-in-Law,Sons-in-Law, Daughters-in-Law
  • Grandchildren and Grandparents

Application Procedure,

Applications of certificate of absence for a person is reported missing and has not been heard for a period exceeding one year, should be forwarded to the District Registrar of the area in which such missing person was last resident or had his permanent residence.

Additional Documents that should be submitted together with the application

  • Affidavit
  • Report of Grama Niladhari
  • Other evidence to prove the request
  • Certified copy of the decision given by the commissions

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